WordPress Stockholm Meetup: WP-CLI, behavioral economics and a slice of Shortcake

The WordPress Stockholm Meetup Group had its third meetup on September 23, 2015. It was a great evening sponsored by Elastx and taking place just next to Stockholm Central station, at the beautiful Waterfront building. Whether you wanted to automate and cloud host your WordPress install using WP-CLI, scrutinize your landing pages with behavioral economics […]  Read more

Functional Programming in Swift 2.0

What? In this post I will talk about functional programming in Swift 2.0. Grab the latest release of Xcode 7 before trying out any of the following code because they might not compile on Swift 1.2. For me, functional programming means a lot of things amongst which the followings stand out: Immutability (avoiding having variables […]  Read more

How to speed up your next backlog refinement AND make it more fun

Sometimes in a planning or backlog refinement meeting, despite all the exciting stories at hand, inertia sets in and energy levels seem to sink to the floor as the meeting goes on. And since we really do need to cover all the epics in that list, it does tend to last for quite a while. […]  Read more

What’s new in Swift 2.0

With wwdc2015 came many apis for us iOS developers to explore and to use. Added value for that have iOS apps. In this post, I’ll focus more on what’s new in Swift 2.0 and some of the new features in Xcode. I will also mention some of my favorite tips and tricks in Xcode if […]  Read more

En vecka med Apple Watch

Att utveckla en app för Apple Watch utan tillgång till en riktig klocka har sina utmaningar. Det fick vi erfara när vi ville göra Aftonbladets journalistik tillgänglig på handleden, i tid till Apples internationella release av klockan den 24 april. Hur det gick? Döm själv om du lyckats få tag på en klocka, men låt […]  Read more

Spring I/O: Designing for Distributed Systems with Reactor and Reactive Streams

As we move into a world where we serve millions of users who expect sub-second response times, we need new ways of building applications. This has led to the collection of proven practices under the Reactive Manifesto. This specifies some core features of resilient apps, capable of scaling up and out: Responsive: respond in a […]  Read more