Spring I/O: Redis-backed HTTP sessions

When you have the pleasant problem of trying to handle lots and lots of users, you quickly realize that tracking user state in the HTTP session doesn’t scale very well. To keep each session in memory could consume quite a lot of memory, for example, and distributing the session across multiple nodes is a bit […]  Read more

Spring I/O 2015 – intro

If you work with Java development, you will sooner or later come in contact with the Spring framework. It is a technology which started as a series of design patterns for J2EE development, but very quickly got its own following and ended up being a much more convenient alternative to the at that time very […]  Read more

On innovation and digital disruption at Dagsvara 2015

This week I attended ”Dagsvara”, a conference in Stockholm organized by WAN-INFRA. Dagsvara used to be a lot about production for print, but the focus has in recent years shifted to business development for newspapers. The theme for this year was “Innovation and digital disruption in the news media industry”. A short summary of some […]  Read more

Wearables where are we?

I went to the Wearable TechCon in Santa Clara this week, this is a summary of the discussions we had, and also my view of this technology’s future. If we look at wearables today I’d say we are in the beginning and it feels very much as we have a very “cool” technology but how […]  Read more

Schedule & Live Stream – WordPress Stockholm Meetup #wpsthlm

We’re done! You can watch the entire event in the player below! Presentations and separated videos will be posted shortly. The WordPress event is happening shortly! You can find the time and date as well as live streaming links below. Live Stream: Time and date: 17:30 CET – March 11, 2015 (Live stream starts 18:00) […]  Read more

Product Manager in media

As a Product Manager (PM) I´m responsible for the Aftonbladet.se as a product, the user and customer experience. I have a lot of  responsibility but not a lot authority… As a PM, I have to talk with a  lot of stakeholders that all have a great interest  in the development of the product. These stakeholders […]  Read more